I slipped and fell on my butt yesterday morning.

Yes, this is not a joke.
I fell like a smelly jackfruit (nangka busuk). Hah take that, direct translation ! Hehe.

It was actually the second time it had happened within the past 3 months. And both times, it happened at the same spot here at home.
The difference this time is, my back hurt longer than it did before and the pain intensified as the hours passed. As I was also worried about how Mini Mel was doing after the fall, I decided to get myself checked.
I was not bleeding and neither did I have any other sort of discomfort but the doctor told me I had to be admitted for monitoring purposes.
I did not refuse admission this time around because I knew it wasn’t only for my sake but for my baby’s sake too.

So, I checked into the maternity ward here (at the hospital I am working at) yesterday afternoon. The ward has a strict policy which disallows anyone to accompany the patients in the ward outside visiting hours so that means I was left alone the whole night. Mr. Sunshine got to see me for about 5 minutes yesterday evening because he couldn’t get off work early. 🙁
But Alhamdulillah, everything turned out normal with Mini Mel, my back pain became more bearable, and I was allowed home this morning.
All in all, it was not a pleasant one night’s stay (from sweating all night because the fan was too far, to painful looks on the faces of the other patients who were experiencing contractions to the soft screams of women in labour !!), but am extremely grateful that everything’s alright. Alhamdulillah.
I honestly take my hats off to the women who could go through all that labour pain ALONE. 
I can cry just at the thought of it !
Boy, am I glad to be home with Mr. Sunshine.

Note to self: Tak payah nak jalan laju-laju sangat lah bila perut dah besar ini !

Let’s move on to less despairing updates.
Mr. Sunshine and I made a trip to Kota Bharu, Kelantan last weekend to attend a friend’s wedding kenduri. We stayed at Tune Hotel, Kota Bharu which is located just a stone’s throw away from KB Mall. The room we got smelled of cigarette despite it being a non-smoking room, but other than that we were pretty pleased with it.
I made a mistake in purchasing 24-hours credit for the air cond & telly, we spent less than half of the time in our room ! Lesson learned.

We did some shopping for baby stuff while we were there, had breakfast with Zana (who’s currently working in Hospital Tanah Merah) and paid a visit to my ex-colleague, Ina and her 8-month old daughter. 🙂

Our King Sized bed.

We were lazy to bring our towels & toiletries so we purchased the towel+toiletries set !

Contents of the toiletries set.

We wasted more than 12 hours credit ! 🙁

The highlight of our trip for me was of course, KENNY ROGERS !!! 😀

At our UiTM mates, Izza & Bob’s kenduri. Congrats again you two !! 😀

That’s all for tonight I guess.
Before I end, I’ll leave you all with this.

Goodnight !


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9 Comments on smelly jackfruit.

  1. YIKES on the fall! thankfully both of you (mom&baby) are alright (: jalan slowwwww-slowwww from now on and what are you even doing on your feet woman!?! you should be taking this opportunity to be wheeled around. lols. sorry i haven’t commented in forever but it’s nice to see you appearing on my twitter timeline every now and then. (should do that more often!!) all my best to you and yours, as always. can’t wait to see your gorgeous little baby. when’re you due?

  2. Hahaha how nice if I could be wheeled around everyday ! :p
    I can’t help it lah, I am a naturally a ‘fast-walker’, lol. Sorry I haven’t commented on your blog for ages too ! Hehe. I’m due in August. 😀

  3. Reading your blog made me misty eyed a bit, hahah. I wasn’t always this crybaby. I am a sensitive person but don’t cry much. But after baby i was more easily crying. I think i can be a pelakon air mata after this.

    Your Post reminded me of my pregnant months too. So enjoyable but i forgot how baby moves feels like.

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