Happy 61st Birthday Mummy.

Tomorrow will mark 5 years since you left us.

Allah is so Great, he took you away in the month of August and has blessed me with my beautiful baby Khayla in this very same month too.
She was actually due yesterday, a day before your birthday. 🙂

I want you to know that I miss you even more these days, with the birth of Khayla, and Raya just around the corner. All around the same time of your birthday and the anniversary of your passing. :'(
When I was going through the pains of delivering Khayla, my thoughts and prayers were always of you.
I am reminded of you when I stare at Khayla.
I think I am stuck with the baby blues because there are times tears would just fall down my cheeks for no reason at all.
Oh how I wish you were still around to see how amazing your granddaughter is.
She may look demure, but wait until you hear her cry !
It’s not easy putting her to sleep at night. But Daddy told me, “You won’t know the meaning of patience until you have a child.”
I wish you were around to give me tips and advice and help me bring up my daughter to be a beautiful person inside and out, just like you.
No matter how great my in-laws are, deep down inside, I still wish I could be with you during this period of confinement.
I am not gonna lie, it’s pretty tough putting on a strong face when my insides are all in bits and pieces. But I know it’s another phase I have to go through.

I wish I was as strong as you.

I miss you Mummy.

Ramadhan blessing: Having a mum and sisters in-law who would go the extra mile just to take care of me during confinement. Alhamdulillah.


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4 Comments on sixty one.

  1. be strong dear… i know how it feels… it’s not as easy like saying sweets words … but somehow Allah knows best… chaiyokkk.. go go go mummy khyla…

  2. Al-Fatihah for your late Mummy. As for you, my dear, do be strong, okay? You have to be so, for the sake of Baby Khayla and all your loved ones…..

  3. alfatihah.. you make me shed my tears dear..believe me Allah has blessed each of us with His love,so js keep praying for His love and blessings to your late mom..she will sure receive the doa from her daughter.ameen

  4. Kak Mel 🙂 Be strong. Khayla will be such a good daughter like you. May she ( your mum ) rest in peace. Ameen

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