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Hello, I’m back.
I actually noted down everything that had happened during my Terengganu trip in my phone but I realized it was wayyyyyy too long and has serious potential of being dead boring. So I’ll just summarize things for you people.

The day we decided to take a trip to the east coast was definitely a wrong day. A drive to Marang which usually takes 5 to 6 hours, took us 16 hours.
Yes, 16.
All because of the floods everywhere along the way. We had to stop every now and then, make long detours etc etc.
We left the house (with three other cars following) at 9:30 am Thursday and we only reached the Seri Malaysia Hotel in Marang at 1:30 am Friday !
Imagine how exhausted we all were, especially the brother who was behind the wheel throughout the whole journey.
Plus, I was SICK. Sneezing and coughing non stop. Sobs.
On the same night we arrived, a couple staying two doors away from our room got nabbed by the Jabatan Agama. The guy who got caught was the same guy who got angry at Kak Siti because we were making so much noise when we checked in. Hmm.

Anyway, the wedding or to be precise the Upacara Menyambut Menantu last Friday went well. It was certainly different than other weddings I have ever been to. I was even sicker that day.

We left for Kuala Terengganu on Saturday. Stopped by a batik factory and the Masjid Terapung. Stayed at the Grand Continental Hotel. We also spent a little time at the Batu Burok beach, Pasar Payang and Losong where they were selling all sorts of keropok.
I had fun playing ball with the kids in the pool, even though I can’t swim.
Checked out on Sunday. And no, we didn’t take 16 hours this time, we were home in 6 hours. Alhamdulillah.
I didn’t take as many pictures like I normally do though.

Me in the car on the way, looking as sick as I can be. I forgot to bring my sweater along so I had to use Marc’s.

The newlyweds looking very happy.

Marc and Kak Siti.

Marlene and Kak Siti.

Kak Siti and I (still sick and fat. sobs).

Daddy and Alya (my other stepsister, Kak Faridah’s youngest. I hope I got the spelling right) at Masjid Terapung, Kuala Terengganu. She’s a real sight for sore eyes ! Sigh.

My jiwa raga in our room in Kuala Terengganu.

The kids with their parents and aunties at the beach. (That’s the sister in yellow)

Abang Mizan (Kak Faridah’s husband) and his son, Hakim (the kid squatting) flying a kite while Kak Liza (in tudung) and Marc (in black) watch on. The little kid running is Aisya.

Daddy with Alya again ! *heart smiles*

So there you go.
It feels good to be back.


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  1. If you guys are talking abt yourselves its bullshit/bullcrap/horseshit – neither of you are fat/chubby/ugly/fugly 🙂 And I love you both – hope ur feeling better Mel!!

    Hugs xoxo

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