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I have been having trouble sleeping since Saturday night.
I have been having visions of what happened that morning as Marc and I was exiting Shah Alam to KL to pick up Marlene.
We witnessed an accident. A girl on a bike was knocked down by a car. We saw her being thrown on the road in such a gruesome manner. Marc stopped the car and we got down to take a look. We shuddered by the very sight of her laying down on road with her head, body and hands all twisted. She was quivering in pain. I was shivering and almost in tears.
She just laid there, I was hoping to myself that she would just get up and things would be okay. But she didn’t.
The car who knocked her just drove off. Jahat gila kan ?!
I felt soo helpless. I was afraid of touching her or moving her in any way. But soon, there were others who stopped and one of them carried her into his car and brought her to the hospital. We would have followed too if it wasn’t for Marlene who was waiting for us at KL Sentral.
It was sad, really sad. I was so sick to my stomach. I couldn’t get the entire picture out of my head. The same goes for Marc. Sigh.
I feel sad.
Poor girl.
The guy who knocked her down was such an irresponsible and heartless man ! I mean, maybe it wasn’t exactly his fault but he could have just got down to at least help the poor girl.
Double sigh.

I was at the pasar malam just now and I bumped into Beverlyn, Cheryl and Kingsley !
Awww, I miss my Gombak people ! Sobs.

On a happier note, Cheryl kata I kurus ! Yay ! Haha.


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  1. OMG I was at the pasar malam yday too!! Hehehe but lucky you guys didnt see me, I looked like shite! Hehe..Hugsss you guys did a good thing by getting down and helping out, tc she will be okay.

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