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Shaklee Nutriferon

Helloouuu February !
This month Shaklee brings to you a few promotions and Shaklee Nutriferon is one of the items on offer !

I have blogged about Nutriferon before, but I thought it would best to ‘repost’ and share the information once again.

The only supplement created by the Immunologist – Dr. Yasuhiko Kojima. Nutriferon was developed after more than 40 years of research after screening, testing and evaluating thousands of compounds and more than 200 different herbs.

Nutriferon contains:

  1. Pumpkin Seeds – Stimulate the production of natural interferon in our body – Fight free radicals and cancer causing factors
  2. Plantago Asiatica Seeds – Contains polysaccharide which activates the overall immune cells
  3. Japanese Honeysuckle – Fights the intrusion of viruses and germs
  4. Safflower Flower – Produce and strengthen ability of macrophage in destroying viruses and germs.
    shaklee nutriferon

Sooo, NutriFeron naturally activates the production of your body’s own interferon. With its patented combination of four plant extracts, it invigorates your natural immune system and increases your resistance safely and naturally.


Interferon is a natural substance produced by every cell of the body. It is activated when a cell is attacked by microbes, viruses, cancer cells, etc., and has two important functions:

  1. It signals neighbouring cells to prepare for action and triggers other resistance mechanisms.
  2. It activates other “soldier” immune cells that kill foreign invaders.

Interferon helps protect us from the daily exposure to millions of foreign invaders that can lead to serious sickness and disease.


  • Strengthen Immune System in 3 Days – It is the only natural interferon in the world. Studies have shown that interferon is able to stimulate and enhance body’s overall immune system by calling the natural killer in the body to action: T-cells, B-cells and macrophage
  • Helps in Cancer & Tumor – Natural interferon contains active polysaccharides that stimulates and activates the immunoglobulin to fight against tumor and cancer cells. Also, it can minimize discomfort during chemotherapy treatment.
  • Protects against influenza – It balances immune responses to allergies of environment and air pollutions, effectively protects against harms by various viruses, microbes, which include cold, flu, allergies, inflammation, and influenza.
  • Ease Stress & Lethargy – Eases harms caused by anxiety, stress, lethargy and hectic lifestyle.
  • Delays Aging – The unique formula of Nutriferon stimulates the production of macrophage in order to reduce free radicals, viruses and germs rapidly. Hence, cells become healthier.
  • Reduces Infections By Hepatitis B & C Patients – the efficiency of Nutriferon in combating viruses can reduce the infection and minimize any discomforts, for instance, bloating, nausea, vomit, etc of Hepatits B & C patients.
  • Improves Menopause – Hypertension, high cholesterol, blood circulation and other various problems arise from menopause can be improved.
  • Improves PMS – Clinically proven to improve symptoms caused by imbalance endocrine system i.e. Menstrual Cramps, Backache, Tender breasts, Acne, Anxiety, Insomnia, and Mood swings.

shaklee nutriferon
I can say that it is a must for every household to have at least 1 box of Nutriferon !  As you can see in the photo above, it comes in little sachets which makes it easy for us to carry them anywhere we go. :)
The whole family can benefit from strengthening our immune system.

If you have any extra questions on Nutriferon or any other Shaklee supplements, don’t hesitate to contact me. :)


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