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Why Shaklee Vitamin C

Now that we know the benefits & importance of vitamin C, I am here to share with you why I choose Shaklee Vitamin C and not other brands.

Firstly, of course because it is naturally derived from corn and the molecule of the vitamin c is exactly the same as of a citrus fruit.

Secondly, taking 1 tablet of Shaklee Vitamin C is equivalent to eating 7 1/2 oranges !

shaklee vitamin cThirdly, and most importantly, Shaklee Vitamin C tablet has a sustained release formulation. Each tablet contains 500 mg and is designed to slowly release 100 mg into your body every hour over a 5 hour period. Our body cannot absorb a huge amount of vitamin c at once, so with the sustained release technology, there is no wastage or excess of vitamin c.

Clinical studies show that the vitamin c from 2 tablets of Shaklee Sustained Release Vita C stays in our blood for 24 hours !

Fourthly, the latest formulation contains and additional 120 mg of complex bioflavonoids which help improve the absorption of vitamin c and prevents oxidation.

What an amazing product ! :)

I take 2 tablets a day to help improve my immunity and skin. However, it is sufficient to take only 1 tablet a day. 1 bottle of Sustained Release Vita C contains 180 tablets, so if you only take 1 tablet a day, it will last you for 6 whole months !

Even if you take 2 tablets like I do, 1 bottle will last you 3 months.
So worth it !

Now you know why there’s no changing my mind about my favourite vitamin C brand. :)


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1 Comment on Why Shaklee Vitamin C

  1. claire
    December 29, 2016 at 11:40 am (1 year ago)

    good info, I have been taking Shaklee Vitamin C too for my ezcema since March this year:)


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