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There is no other way to start off this post than to (very) proudly say that I have a genius as my sister !
Lene scored 10 A’s for her SPM !!
I am so super duper happy for you !
I was beaming and almost jumped in joy at work when I found out.
Gila pandai adik aku ini.
She has submitted her UPU application earlier but I think there will be some updating to do seeing that her results are so good.
She does not want to do Pharmacy because she does not want to end up crying all the time like me.
Oh boy, what an example I have been. -___-
Well, we’ll just see later on how things go.

The whole family went for a mini celebratory lunch at Cozy Corner, Ampang Park on Friday. We had lunch AND dessert.
I was off on Friday as I had to work the night before.

Speaking of which, after getting off work at about 7 am that Friday morning, I drove straight to Gombak. To home sweet home. It took me one and a half hours to reach due to the heavy rain and there were a couple of road accidents along the way.
I tried going to bed at about 12 pm, managed to get 2 hours of rest then we had to leave for lunch. I still could not sleep after we got back from lunch. It’s not that I did not try, but my brain kept telling me that I’ve got loads of work to complete (research proposal, user interventions data, research data collection form, studying for the jurisprudence exam etc etc etc) *insert kepala serabut emoticon*, and my body just would not shut down.
Not to forget the fact that I got myself into a little accident involving Coco and a drain that morning too ! It seems that I’m not the only one who has affinity for drains.
Coco’s left side is slightly (consoling myself here) dented now. *cries*
As a result, I had a massive headache and I was starting to get real cranky.
I only dozed off after midnight that day OK !

I still do not know where I put my Photoshop CS2 cd. It’s frustrating lah. I do not know any other way to resize my photos. So my posts will be photo-less until I find that bloody cd, or get a new one. Sigh.

I had breakfast with Annisa at McDonald’s Mutiara Damansara yesterday morning. We both came to the sad conclusion that in life you’re bound to meet idiotic insensitive people (who seem like they always have their heads in the clouds, oblivious to the fact that they make other people’s lives miserable every day) everywhere you go and it’s up to us to adapt to their stupid antics. Do not let one (or twenty) insignificant people take you down and make you unhappy be it at work or school or anywhere lah !
But it certainly is easier said than done.
Some genius should come up with a vaccination/immunization jab for us to face these twerps.
Lene, are you listening ? Hehe.

Daddy’s not feeling too well. He has been coughing and sneezing since yesterday.
I have a wedding to go to later but I feel bad leaving him at home.
I’m still contemplating whether to go or not.
They say kalau tak pergi nanti tak ada orang nak datang majlis kita.
But, but, but…

I hate Sundays.
They always lead to Mondays. Dreadful Mondays.

I need to learn to relax a little lah.
How do I not let stress get to me ?
When it gets to me, it really gets to me OK. I become this manic monster.
I have always been the type who gets worked up so easily over almost everything.

Have I mentioned I hate Sundays ?


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