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I’ve said this a million times before, some things that might not be of a big deal to you, could be a whole big of a deal to me. And, I really hate it when people brush away my feelings or make me feel as if what I’m feeling is unnecessary or insignificant.
Screw you.

I sent a few text messages to her. Over a period of a month.
She hasn’t replied a single one.
It’s like a replay of last year’s sad movie.
I don’t know why I allowed myself to hope that things would turn over for the better.
It seemed like it was only better for a fraction of a minute.
I shouldn’t be wasting my time thinking of such people.
Screw you.

I haven’t been able to stop scratching and as a result my arms and legs look ugly as hell now. Damnit.

I did more than two hours of workout just now.
My whole body’s aching, but that’s not gonna stop me from doing it again tomorrow. I’d work out until I collapse for all I care.
Just as long as I’m back to how I looked early last year.

Everyone’s a hypocrite. One way or the other.
I’d be happy if someone is able to prove me wrong.

I’m feeling pretty stupid right now.
Wait, stupid is an understatement.
I’m feeling brainless.
I honestly feel like I don’t belong here.
But there’s no way I can run away. Now. Not anymore.

I am entitled to bitch/cry/whine/get all emotional on you right now because I am PMS-ing, okay ?

I’m in need of some ice cream and a movie.



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