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I was awakened by knocks on my door this morning.
Daddy came in saying, “Kereta rosak lah.” with a huge sigh.
Again ? I thought to myself.
He asked me whether I could pick Lene up from school.
I said okay.

I was disturbed just looking at Daddy’s frustrated face.
Funny that I had this happy dream about me being able to be around all the people I love and everyone was just so happy. You were all in my dream last night, you know.
It didn’t help that I also woke up realizing that my silver necklace snapped.
I managed to save the pendant, thankfully.
It was a gift from Mr. Sunshine.

I left the house at around 12:35 p.m. Lene finishes school at 1 p.m.
I refused to bring an umbrella along because I just don’t like the idea of carrying one around. I once had to buy an umbrella because it was raining but once it stopped, I threw the umbrella away because it was just so leceh to hold.
I planned to take a bus or a cab to school but when I reached the bus stop, I just felt like walking.
I need to de-stress. Or so I thought.
I walked down by the lake. Then suddenly these thoughts of abduction, rape and mug cases (which are so rampant these days) started to cloud my mind.
I held my bag tightly and close to me and walked as fast as I could. Before I knew it I was sprinting down the lake.
I am paranoid, I know.

Walking to school brought back some good memories.
I was literally walking down memory lane.
I passed by Barath’s house and smiled to myself as I was reminded of the Debate Team.
A vivid recollection of the walks and talks (and selingans) we had made my heart smile.
I miss school.
Okay, I think I just miss my Debate Team.


It took me around 20 minutes to reach school and I was all sweaty when I was standing at the side of the drain (gasp !), waiting for Lene.
These school boys are pretty cute.
I felt old.
On the way back with Lene, we passed a few school boys who were apparently amazed by the size of my bust.
To be honest, I don’t really know whether they were referring to my bust or butt size, but their remarks still made me feeling like slapping their bloody shit brains out.
Breathe, Melissa.

Bumped into Bryan on the way back and he gave us a ride home.
Thanks dear.

Gosh, I miss my Gombak people (including the ones who are no longer Sri Gombak residents) !

I’ve been on leave since Monday.
I sent my lappie for repair and went to UiTM to submit a copy of my MUET results on that day.

I got to spend time with The Best Friend and Mr. Sunshine.
The Dark Knight left me feeling uneasy and scared. Don’t ask me why.
It was a good watch, though.
Heath Ledger was awesome.

The Rabbit and The Duck.


Will be back to work this Friday and I’m going to get my lappie back tomorrow.
They told me they changed the motherboard. Okay so the last time I sent it in for the same problem, they fixed the LCD screen, and now it’s the motherboard ?
I don’t trust these people.
My warranty expires at the end of this week and I think this is a part of their scheme to either get me to extend it (and fork out RM 298) or come back to them and pay for (expected) future service.

My appointment with the dentist just now wasn’t a pleasant one.

Oh, I had a night out with Annisa last Thursday night.
Yummy Carl’s Jr. I LOVE the fries, okay !
We enjoyed ourselves by taking pictures of our glowing faces.

That’s all for today.


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