Good morning.

I had trouble sleeping last night. My mind seemed troubled and anxious. My heart was racing for no apparent reason.
I am distressed !

Anyway, I’m off to work now.
Have a good day, people.


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5 Comments on s.o.s

  1. Hye lisa…
    how are you? are you doing ok?
    Worried baca ur posts here…hehe.
    Ke ni penyakit orang yang nak kawen ek? anyway, chill girl! Ur big day is coming soon…be happy!

  2. Ayu: Ntahla Ayu, memang semacam je lately. Maybe gak penyakit orang nak kawin cani. :p
    I’m trying ! Thanks dear. 🙂

    Nanie: I will. Thanks dear. 🙂

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