Currently feeling: Sad
Currently listening to: Bruised But Not Broken – Joss Stone

She’s at it again.

She has no idea that she has been emotionally and mentally battering me.
Maybe I should just leave this place.
Call me a baby, but I just cannot live with insensitive idiots people.
I believe that you’ve always gotta think before you say anything. Anything at all.
Terlajak perahu boleh ditarik balik, terlajak kata binasa.
I believe that true friends don’t tell you and make fun of the fact that you’re fat (or not).
They don’t tell you you’re serabut, tak lawa or anything along the same lines of those (unless you’ve asked for their honest opinion) over and over again.
Most importantly, they don’t make you feel low, unpretty and dejected. Like she has been doing to me.

Maybe it’s my fault for not pointing out to her that she has been bruising my self esteem.
It’s my fault for keeping mum.
So yeah, I don’t blame her. I guess it’s all on me.



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