Hello, here’s a quick update on what has been going on during the past week:

  • I finally got my pelepasan dengan izin application signed. Alhamdulillah. I hope it won’t take too long to get processed. I’m gonna bug the people in MOH everyday from now on.
  • Babysitter’s issue has been resolved. Alhamdulillah. I’m still sending Khayla to the same sitter.
  • Juggling my career along with being a Mummy is exhausting (and stressful). HATS OFF TO ALL YOU SUPERMUMS OUT THERE ! But I’m so thankful for a very supportive and helpful hubby who doesn’t mind chipping in on doing some house chores. Alhamdulillah. Mr. Sunshine, I can’t thank you enough, so this is for you:
*pretty apt now that they’ve tripled in size, huh ? Hehe.

  • Khayla has started to roll over !! We just discovered this new talent of hers two nights ago. I was so excited I recorded it for my your viewing pleasure. Hehe. Well, to be honest there’s a recording of her every day in my phone. I’m obsessed !

I’m soooo proud of my baby girl ! She can’t roll from her back to the front YET but it’s a great start ! :))

Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone ! Bye !


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3 Comments on rolling with the homies.

  1. weee!!! zabi aydan can roll over too! same like khayla, not yet from his back to the front… too bad i dun have a videocam to record it.. khayla is too cute!!! parents dia siap cheering on for her lagi… soon our babies will be crawling! looking forward to that… means we’re gonna lose more n more weight now mel!! haiyaak!!!

  2. AWWWW, baby! 😀 😀 😀 she’s growing real fast. lols. amazing how time seems to fly with a baby, huh? 😀 😀 also, congrats on getting your application signed&approved!

  3. Dina: Ala Dina, I don’t have a videocam either ! I use my good old handphone to record moments like those ! Hehe. Ameen to losing more weight ! Yeahhhh ! Hahaha.

    Mel: Tell me about it ! It feels like I gave birth only yesterday, hehe. Thanks Mel ! 😀

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