Currently feeling: like I’m gonna have a terrible sore throat
Currently listening to: Open Your Eyes – Snow Patrol

Yeah, my throat is itching. It’s all because of the s***loads of mandarin oranges, tarts and egg biscuits I devoured within the past few days.

I now have 137 photos in my Friendster. I feel that it’s a tad ridiculous. I mean who would scroll through 100 photos of you, except yourself (don’t deny it, we all know you do).
But I can’t help clicking the Upload Photos button the second I have new photos and time to spare.

I have tonnes and tonnes of requests of Facebook which I have yet to approve. Just the thought of going through them one by one gives me panic attack. Joking, joking. But something like that la. Hee.
Ignore je semua boleh tak ? Hee.

By the way, I’m back in Shah Alam.
The sister’s here with me. Atia’s here too and Ina would be back tonight I think.
Currently working on my presentation slides.
Tummy’s growling. I need meat !
Wah, that sounded barbaric.

It’s amusing la how people try to scare me by writing rubbish in my shoutbox.
I sympathize with you crazy idiotic people because you don’t have anything better to do with your pathetic little life. Kesian kamu tau. Sigh.

I bruised my lips when my phone slipped from my hand and fell on my mouth. Sakit okay !

How is it that you always think you’re right ?
How is it that you have the ability to make almost everyone around you feel bad ?
Why is it that everything that comes out from every one else’s mouth is ridiculous ? And not when it’s from yours ?


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