Hi, I’m still sad as hell about losing my photos.
Is this a sign that I should quit blogging ? 

Mr. Sunshine says that I’m lucky that I still have my written posts, and to lose them is far worse.
I guess he’s right.

Oh well.


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8 Comments on retention.

  1. Maybe it’s a sign that those photos aren’t meant to be published and viewed by everyone? God knows what people do to the photos we uploaded online, so maybe it’s a good thing.. Photos are private stuff, especially those showing ur face n ur family, so maybe it’s a sign from above that it shouldn’t be done… Same goes with photos on fb, my dear… Might need to browse over those yang still showing ur aurat, (kalau ade lagi) la kan… People online still can see… God knows what they do with it.. Just an opinion.. But always believe this, things happen for a reason. And if it’s a reason we can’t comprehend, maybe it comes from higher power. He knows best… 🙂

  2. mel, dun feel sad… 2012 is coming near… that means we shud all start afresh… =) and dun stop blogging… we all miss looking at dian khayla’s pictures… cheer up… there’s a silver lining in every cloud or so the saying goes (betul ke ni? hehe)

  3. Rodhiah: I guess there’s truth in what you’re saying. Thanks dear, and about my old photos in FB, they’ve been private for some time already. 🙂

    Dina: Yeah, I’m thinking of starting with a clean slate but it still saddens me lah ! Sobs. Hehe.

    Amelyn: Awww ! Thanks dear. 🙂

  4. Please don’t stop blogging, my dear. Start afresh for 2012, okay? I thoroughly enjoy going through all your posts. Somehow, they do bring me closer to all your loved ones…..honest!


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