Currently feeling: Bloated
Currently listening to: Hard To Say I’m Sorry – Az Yet

The only good thing about Over Her Dead Body is Paul Rudd.
Yummy yummy.

The interview’s tomorrow and I’m just only starting on my resume.
Yamin has hers today, I hope she does okay. I know she’ll do okay !
Nervousnya saya !

I feel so bloated that I think I can throw up over and over again.
I overate last night.
I ate enough to sustain me for the whole week. No kidding.

Okay, I need to wake Mr. Sunshine up.
That rarely happens because he’s the one who usually wakes me up so saya bangga sikit. Haha.
But I’m up early because it’s so freaking hot.

Oh, oh, Happy happy birthday Stumpy ku !
Love you babe !
Miss you loads !


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