Mr Sunshine came down last Friday for a one night’s (sobs) visit.
We went to Jalan TAR with the initial thought of getting some, if not all, of our hantaran stuff, but after seeing and walking through the massive crowd there, we went back after only getting one item.

But we managed to book the cloth for our reception (my side) !
It’s from the same place I sent my baju kurung for nikah which will be ready by the end of October, InshaAllah.
I know I have not revealed the details of the boutique I am hiring, but I do not plan to until I see how my baju kurung looks like. I do not want to end up recommending something I do not like. But it’s in Jalan TAR lah. 🙂
As I have mentioned in my previous post, it has been tough looking for dress of my dreams (cewah) so we’ve decided to rent a newly tailored one.
It’s red satin and black coloured lace with silver details.
I was really hoping to find silver or grey coloured lace to go with the red satin, but they all did not appeal to me. Terpaksa tukar theme yang ada di dalam kepala selama ini.
But I really like how the lace we picked out brings out the red ! I have no regrets so far, except for not taking snapshots of the cloth. 🙁
Ooohh I’m starting to get so excited (and nervous) even though I have not decided on how I want the dress to be designed.
Will only be going to get our measurements after Aidilfitri, so I guess I have ample time to decide and browse through the numerous wedding magazines I have with me. Hehe. I would be happy if anyone else would chip in with some ideas, hehe.
I would also have ample time to lose some inches from this ever expanding hips of mine, I hope.

The official caterer for my reception will be Mutiara Catering.
Confirmed this last Tuesday after a lengthy discussion between Sal and I and Hakimin from Mutiara Catering.
He was really good, as in he was so honest in explaining why I should not get ribbons for plastic chairs etc etc. He seemed genuinely interested to help me, not just out there to suck all the money out of me.

And today, I booked my pelamin !
I opted for the pelamin package I could afford, minus their bersanding outfit.
Went to see them once to discuss colors etc, but it looks like I’m gonna have to talk to them again since I have changed the colour of my dress.
I hope they won’t disappoint !

Melissa R.

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