I have this habit of lying down on my tummy, be it while doing my work, or going online on my lappie.
This habit is bad as I do it even after I eat.
My acid reflux seems to be getting worse.
Plus I cannot stop myself from eating spicy food lah. Non spicy food are just tasteless to me.

I had rebung gravy for lunch without knowing it was rebung gravy.
As I was carrying my plate to the cashier I smelled the strong stench of rebung (pardon me, but I don’t fancy rebung) and was wondering where it came from.
Lifted up my plate to my nose and sniffed my food, but well, it was too late.
I think I still have rebung breath.
Sorry, I have no idea what the English term for rebung is.

I fell asleep while lying in an MRI machine yesterday.

I have been having creepy nightmarish dreams lately.
I wonder why.


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1 Comment on rebung reflux.

  1. rebung mmg angin la melissa.. i once had serious problems with my perut.. mmg xleh mkn rebung.. but the thing is im actually a big fan of it. so selalu la menderita.

    i think the strong stench of rebung u were talking about is rebung masam. im NOT a fan of that either. bau dia kuat sangat. kalo jual2 kat kedai mmg rebung masam.. sbb tahan lama. i only like fresh rebung. then my mom msk kat umah..hahah.. too bad in kl mmg susah cari fresh rebung.

    anyway, gaviscon wud help. patut ok la… why d heck m i giving advice on medication to a pharmacist??? hahah.

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