I failed to complete whatever I needed to complete last week.
But I successfully created a number of excuses to why I could not complete them.

I cried so much last week that I had constant headaches every day.
There was this one hour phone call the boyfriend made to me last week which was basically just me sobbing, muttering words he could not make out the meanings of. For the whole one hour.
I PMS like mad.

Putting that aside, I made a very rash decision to take a drive to Kuantan last Friday.
Ok kidding, I took the bus.
I cannot imagine me driving that far alone, at night. Yet.

I know I said that the boyfriend and I were not gonna meet until July but that was when I did not know he would not be working last Saturday. Hee.
So right after work, I rushed to the Petronas station at Precint 9 with hope that there would be Transnasional tickets left for that night.
They were all sold
out but I was lucky enough to have one customer who sold his/her ticket back ! So I managed to get my hands on one 10:30 pm ticket to Kuantan and bought a return ticket from Kemaman too.
I left the house a bit late, rushed to the ERL station, parked my car there and got on the KLIA Transit to Bandar Tasik Selatan and took the LRT to Plaza Rakyat.
I was already texting Mr Sunshine letting him know that I might not be in time. 🙁
I had a real good exercise that night, power walking to the point my sweat was dripping all over. I gave out evil stares to everyone who stared at me that night. Bengang sikit. Hee.

I reached Puduraya a couple of minutes before 10:30 pm, only to find out that my bus was delayed.
Finally boarded the bus at 11:00pm and reached Kuantan at around 3 am.
I had to wait for an hour for Mr Sunshine to come get me as he had trouble waking up earlier.
We drove to Teluk Cempedak and had an early breakfast at KFC.
I brought my lappie and helped Mr Sunshine with creating his research data collection form. I did some reading on my clinical cases too.

We took an early morning stroll by the beach while it was drizzling. *heart smiles*

He brought me to watch Night At The Museum 2 at Teruntum Complex.
He dozed off halfway through the movie !
I was still hanging on.
The movie was alright lah, I prefer the first one though.

Had pizza for lunch and seafood for dinner. NYUM !
The amount of seafood we ordered was enough to feed four people but we managed to swallow everything up.

Look at those panda eyes !


Keep in mind that I did sleep for more than 24 hours by that time. Awak dapat tidur dalam cinema, tak adil !
But I succumbed to fatigue on our way back to Kemaman.
Mr Sunshine said I was mumbling with my eyes closed. How’s that for being nuts ?
Took the 1 am bus reached home at 7 am.

Oh oh, here’s a little something for all you Man United fans.

Tak tahu kenapa Rooney bongkok like that.


So that was my exhausting yet exciting Saturday.

Ok so now let’s take a look at pictures of my fat legs.

Does not look too bad ? Check out the close ups.

Awful, right ? Itches like crazy, stings like hell.
Most of the time I scratch is when I am asleep lah. :'(

Work tomorrow.


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