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I’m stuffing myself with yogurt right now.
I know it’s almost 1 a.m. but I’m hungry la okay.

My day at work yesterday was a dreadful one.
Partly because I wasn’t really in the jolliest mood.
Also because I had to deal with a few annoying customers.

Scene 1
Woman: Adik, bagi makcik ubat warna oren tu.
Me: (There’s like so many orange coloured tablets/capsules okay, woman) Ubat warna oren yang mana, makcik ?
Woman: Ala yang makcik selalu beli tu.
Me: (Okay, if you selalu beli you would know that I’m not selalu here and I’ve never seen you before. Ergh.) Hmm, makcik makan ubat tu untuk apa ?
Woman: Alaaa, yang makcik selalu beli kat sini tu !
Me: Hmm, ye la, but makcik makan untuk apa ? Sakit ke ?
Woman: Ha ye ye, untuk sakit-sakit ni.
Me: (Ergh, you could’ve told me earlier la kan.) Okay, (takes tablets) yang ni kan ?
Woman: Ha ye la.

Scene 2
Man: (Brings two bottles of repacked calamine lotion to the counter) Ini berapa ringgit ye ?
Me: (Are you like blind, the price is right on the bottle.) *smiles* Hm, RM 3 satu.
Man: Ha, if saya beli dua untuk RM 5 boleh ?
Me: (Ergh, you think this is the pasar malam is it ?) Hm, I’m sorry, tak boleh la pakcik, yang ini kami dah repack punya, memang dah murah.
Man: Ha kejap-kejap. (Walks out and talks on the phone and comes back in) If you bagi dua untuk RM 5 memang I beli.
Me: (Feels like punching him in the face) Pakcik, memang tak boleh la. I’m sorry.
Man: Hm, tak payah la macam tu. (Goes out and slams the door.)

Scene 3
Woman with botox-overdose face: Nak Radical, radical.
Me: Radical ?
Woman with botox-overdose face: (Huge sigh, rolls her eyes) Yang untuk kurang lemak itu.
Me: Xenical ke ?
with botox-overdose face: Ha.
Me: (Shows woman Xenical) Yang ini ke ?
Woman with botox-overdose face: Bukan la bukan la. Mana you punya boss ha ??
Me: Dia keluar sekejap. Hm, Reductil ke ? (Shows her Reductil)
with botox-overdose face: (Huge sigh, rolls her eyes, again) Yes, this one.
Me: Okay, satu strip ?
with botox-overdose face: Ya.
Me: That’ll be RM**
with botox-overdose face: (Hands me the money and takes the strip)
Me: Thank you. *smiles*
with botox-overdose face: (Huge sigh and rolls her eyes, AGAIN and walks off)

STUPID, right ?

Okay, glad I got that off my chest.

Work at the NTV7’s Futsal Carnival last Saturday was fun, though. Been with them for the past three weekends already and this Sunday would be the last one. Sobs.
Mr. Sunshine came down on that day. He was there with a couple of my classmates. I was so happy to see them, Mr. Sunshine in particular. *heart smiles*
He helped snap photos of Lene and I.

The sister and I.

A sweaty me.

My arse and the Speed Radar Cage.

Isa, Me, Syafiq and Arief.

Thanks for coming, you guys.
And Sunshine, thank you for the wonderful night.
Love you.

Argh, work tomorrow, gotta get to bed.


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