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Kak Siti got married today.

Kak Siti with her hantaran

Daddy and Kak Siti

The bridegroom, Abang Shukeri

She officially became a wife with one lafaz only. Alhamdulillah. It was touching to see Daddy and Kak Siti all teary eyed.

Daddy as the wali

Kak Siti’s married !

Upacara membatalkan air sembahyang

After the solemnization ceremony, Marc, Lene and I were already bathed in sweat (there goes my makeup !) while carrying the hantaran trays and walking to the hall where the kenduri was held. Camera flashes were everywhere. My tudung kept going out of shape and I had to fix it every now and then. Not exactly a sight that I would want to get recorded on cameras.

It was a pretty busy day for the siblings and I, walking around being ushers and handing out bunga telur to every guests on their table.
So yeah, from 1030am right up until 430pm, we were busy bees !
Tiring gila okay.
But I’m glad everything went well, Alhamdulillah.

Marc and Daddy

Daddy and I (oily faced and hair like a mop)

Oh, oh, I just had to post this photo of the oh-so-cute Abdul Rasheed, Kak Faridah’s son. He’s so adorable ! Cheeky too !

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