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I shall start off with wishing Cheryl, a very very very Happy Birthday !
You know I love you !

OK so I am still experiencing slight discomfort and unfortunately, I do not think it’ll go away anytime soon. I have been avoiding analgesics. I don’t want to rely on them too much.
I look like a puffer fish. A puffer fish with a deflated right cheek.
Up until yesterday I didn’t know that dentists use pliers as their forceps.
No joke. They looked exactly like (huge) pliers except they were erm, shinier lah.
The whole ‘drilling, pulling and blood mixed with saliva squirting out (onto the dental assistant’s face)’ process took about an hour.
I am not allowed to take hot and solid food for the time being.
Guess what my dentist told me is the best thing to eat right now (post surgery) ?
Ice cream !
How about that, a dentist encouraging you to eat ice cream.
How about cavities then, doctor ? Hehe.

Sadly, I can’t take too much ice cream because my throat isn’t in a very good condition. I woke up yesterday sounding like a sexy hunk.
I should have delayed the surgery as my sore throat might lead to an easy wound infection but I insisted that I wanted to have it done yesterday.
I don’t know when else I would be free (to stay at home for a week with a swollen cheek, that is).

You know when you actually have a reason not to eat, that’s also when you start getting the aroma of fried rice lah, fried chicken lah, Nasi Lemak lah.

Lene and I did some shopping at Capzooed, Capsquare last Sunday.
There were loads of cheap and awesome stuffs !
We were hoping to meet Baby but it turned out she was only there on Saturday.

I spent Saturday night at Akey’s place.
We turned 10 !

I am bored.


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