It’s the weekend again. I’m hoping this weekend will be better for me in the emotions department.
Although it sort of kicked off with me screwing up at work, I’m trying to look past that and learn from it.
I am currently in the middle of doing our laundry, just dried out one batch of clothes and now waiting for another batch to be washed. I thank God for the washing machine existence.
Anyway, I just wanted to share a few snapshots from our Pharmacy Unit’s Aidilfitri feast we organised last week.
We had a few cakes which were all finished before I got to taste them. Hehe.
Other mouth watering desserts we served. The one on the right was prepared by Noor ! It’s so delicious I tell you.
We had a bowl of tapai (fermented glutinous rice) which was a hit too.
 The Nasi Beriyani we ran out of when guests were still pouring in.
A Raya Feast would not be complete without ketupat and rendang. They usually have ketupat palas for Raya over here.

Our guests. That’s Matun smiling so cutely on the right.

L-R: Noor, my ex-boss Kak Nadya, Me, Dr Nadia (the doctor in charge of the male ward which I am in charge of too) and Dr Nik Fauzilah.

The Director of our hospital having a go at our laksa.

Lastly, but not least a photo of the hosts, the pharmacists, Matun, Noor and I. 🙂

Ok this is making me really hungry.


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7 Comments on pharmacy unit aidilfitri feast.

  1. K.Zurai: Hehe sedap kan, org pregnant boleh makan tapai ke ?

    Putri: Hehehe, it was a Raya party ! :p

    Red Clutch: I feel guilty for making an expectant mother hungry. Hehe.

  2. suke!suke!suke! loving this entry, girl!
    heh, walaupun rasa cam x cukup tangan n memang sebenarnya x cukup makanan, best n seronok sebenarnya jamuan ni.. meriah! hehe…
    btw, i gave u the recipe already for the dessert, looking forward for u making it! 😛

  3. K.Zurai: Oh, but your pregnancy ok je so Alhamdulillah la ek. 🙂

    Rodhiah: Haha kelakar kan semua cuak masa nasi dah abis tu. Hee. Seronok, seronok. Abt the dessert, it’s only delicious when you make it. Hahaha orang malas punya excuse.

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