Last night was funny, while the four of us were getting so fired up ranting about a particular topic, out came this guy dressed in a black top with hair looking softer than mine.
He came up to us talking in what I thought was Persian or some other language I don’t understand. I tried my very best to hold my laughter in by not looking at him.
“I’m from ………..testtsss fragrancess justss wantss yourss opinions”
Something like that lah.

He spritzed the strong-smelling Escada perfume on my hand. The others refused to be spritzed on. Hehe. Told him it the smell was not really to our liking and he left. He took an unusually long time to stuff the perfume back into his bag and leave.
And after he left we all looked at each other and burst our laughing.
Then Feli talked about how nowadays people get conned after sniffing perfume sprayed on them in public. Erk. I felt sorry for forcing her to sniff my hand. I practically shoved my hand in her face.
After a few minutes, a friend of his came up to us attempting to sell another brand of perfume. He spoke better. Hehe.

But the first guy was funny. Haha.

I’ve gotta go get ready for work.


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    I sniffed obligingly I suppose knowing if I passed out you guys would prop me up hehe.

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