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I’m at the computer lab waiting for my 4pm class to start.
Last Wednesday Nanab accompanied me to the post office to get my parcel. Imagine how I felt when I saw what was written on the box.

Firstly, I didn’t know anyone in Dubai. Secondly, I didn’t know anyone by the name of Mohammad Hassan. Hehe. Thirdly, no one knows my address here in Shah Alam. So it kinda freaked me out la. I kept shaking the box before actually opening it. When I finally had the guts to open it, these were in it:

It turned out that Daddy ordered an English translation of the Qur’an and a few other books for me.
Thank you Daddy.

Last Thursday saw Cha, Izza, Ayu and I karaoke-ed our hearts out at Selayang Mall (hey, that’s the nearest we could go from Selayang Hospital okay. hee). I had a blast even though I was in my baju kurung. Hehe.
Chatted with the ex that night. Well, it wasn’t that bad. He uttered the usual stuff. But there was no tension whatsoever.
My test that Friday morning was funny. Yeah, funny. Shall not elaborate on that.

I had McD’s with the guy I currently have the hots for last Friday night. It was a nerve wrecking experience. Hehe.
Was at the faculty the whole day on Saturday as we had a Modul Keusahawanan Bumiputera or that’s what I thought we had. I dreaded the whole thing ! I didn’t get anything beneficial out of it, well I did laugh too much but I felt that I just wasted 8 hours of my time. Sigh.

I’m having serious trouble understanding people who don’t use their brains think before they speak.

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  1. Heh. I never knew it was Jalan Plumbum.
    But seriously? Jalan Plumbum? What else do they have.. Jalan Nickel? Jalan Magnesium?

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