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Akey had an appointment at Mid Valley Megamall last Friday and she was alone, so I took the LRT and Komuter there to accompany her for buka.
I was there relatively early (before 6 p.m.) but being the stubborn person I am, I ignored Mr. Sunshine’s advice to go book a place to eat as soon as possible. I had planned to go to Kenny Rogers Roasters. I was there at 6.30 p.m. and the place was fully booked. *straight face*
So were most of the other eateries.
I rushed to Nando’s which was just opposite Kenny Rogers, crossing my fingers, hoping there would still be seats. Fortunately, there were a few tables unoccupied yet. So I made my order and waited for Akey (her appointment ended at 7 p.m.) while watching Just Married on my Zen.
After buka, we took the Komuter to Bangi to get her car and stuffs and she drove us back home.

Oily-faced me and Akey

I am very grateful that my best friend of ten years still knows how to get through to me and make me feel sane when I feel like I’m on the verge of going bonkers.
It’s funny to reminisce the times we used to be on the phone with each other for hours. (Most of the time with me crying my lungs out.)
We used to go have cake together after school. Cheap sponge cakes. Haha.
I used to be at her place a lot studying, gossiping, pigging out (I love the fact that her house always has snacks to munch on ! Hee) and watching Astro. Even during my university years, the ex and I would sleepover at her place to study together. Her mum used to say I was her adopted daughter to people who came over back then.
She has been a person who never judges me. Who listens. Who never fails to help me keep life in perspective. Who sees the good in me and helps me give my best even when I’m at my worst. Who cries with me when I cry and laughs with me when I laugh.
She has been no less than an angel to me.
I love her to death.

Lene and I had ate (we were both not fasting) at the Signatures Food Court, KLCC last Saturday night since Daddy and Marc were in Shah Alam. I had spaghetti. No matter where else I have spaghetti, I still think that the food court has the best cheesiest spaghetti ever.

Diana will be coming over after work tomorrow and I’d be accompanying her for buka just around here.

Berbuka sana sini mengalahkan orang puasa. Heh.

Mr. Sunshine’s back in town. He would be bringing me to my checkup this Wednesday and we’d have buka together, InsyaAllah.
I should be fasting by then.

I wanna watch The Love Guru !


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