Currently feeling: Pained
Currently listening to: Make This Go On Forever – Snow Patrol

Technology can be a pain in the a*** sometimes.
Unsent text messages or that are received late can be misinterpreted.
Text messages sent to the wrong person can get you in trouble too. But then again, that’s not technology’s fault, is it ? Hee.
Instant messages that are not replied (when you’re either asleep, having your bath or just doing something else than sitting in front of you laptop/PC) can give the sender a negative vibe.
Technology can be the trigger factor of squabbles I tell you.

I bought myself a dress for my dinner today. Yay ! Nothing fancy, just a simple one.

My head hurts like hell. I need sleep.

I’m craving donuts.

It’s not the head over heels kinda thing you would expect to have.
But I’m thinking of giving it a shot. Should I ?


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