I am feeling slightly under the weather (again).
Must have gotten the flu bug from Mr Sunshine.
He has been unwell since last Thursday.
Last Friday afternoon, I drove more than half the way back to Gombak because of that.
Usually Mr Sunshine will be THE driver to and fro. Hehe.
We drove home to attend my best friend, Sal’s engagement.

Everything was so rushed.
Reached Gombak late in the evening on Friday, had dinner with the whole family at Cozy Corner, Ampang Park, then we dropped by Sal’s place to help around a bit with the preparations. The guy’s side of the family were expected to arrive at 1100 hours the next day.
On Saturday, both Mr Sunshine and I were at Sal’s place just before 1100 hours only to find out that the engagement ceremony had been postponed to 1230 hours.
So we stayed on and while I tried to be there for Sal and help in whatever I could, Mr Sunshine patiently waited on me in the living room. Love you sayang. 🙂

Alhamdulillah, the engagement ceremony proceeded and went on as planned. So simple yet lovely. Sal was so beautiful ! Their solemnization is planned for the end of July. I pray everything goes as planned. Ameen.
I am so nervous for her ! Hehe.

We had initially planned to drive back to Kuala Berang right after the engagement because Mr Sunshine had to work today, but then he so kindly agreed to stay back a bit longer to join my family in taking studio photos with Marc in his graduation robe. 🙂
We also had an ‘outdoor adventure’ photo shoot after that which was super fun even though it was drizzling. Hehe.
All of us had dinner at Hometown Yong Tau Fu, Wangsa Maju before leaving for Kuala Berang at about 2000 hours.
We reached home pretty late and the both of us were exhausted.
I went straight to bed without showering ! Haha.

I woke up this morning with a sore throat a blocked nose. Sniffing like nobody’s business, AGAIN !
I thought to myself that I possibly be sick again, not after last week, right ?
It was definitely a good move to take the day off today.
As soon as Mr Sunshine left for work, I drugged myself popped an antihistamine and dozed off.
After a sweaty (today is a hot day) two hours of sleep, my nose was cleared ! Alhamdulillah.
Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for my throat. I hope these Dequadin lozenges work.

My mother in-law found out about me being unwell, and as soon as she did, she tried to call me numerous times.
When I returned her call, she sounded so worried, “Abah cakap Along cakap Lisa demam, Mak risau lah, itu lah telefon banyak kali, kena dengar suara Lisa jugak.”
OMG. How sweet is that ? I was so touched, I was almost in tears !
I haven’t had a mother figure worry about me since Mummy left. :'(
Honestly, my mother in-law is great, she really is. Kind, caring and understanding.
You would expect a mother in-law to be the first person asking you over and over (and stressing you out) about whether or not you’re pregnant, but no, she’s the type of mother who would tell you not to worry too much and leave things like that to Him. 🙂
Alhamdulillah. I am so blessed. 🙂

We’ll be heading back to Batu Pahat this weekend. InshaAllah.
I hope I’ll be OK by then. Ameen.

Pictures will be in my next post.
I need to get some rest.


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