Please forgive me, I just had to join all the typical brides-to-be and add the wedding countdown widget you see above in my blog.
It serves as a good reminder of all the things that has to be done and what little time that is left. *worried*

So, I got engaged last Sunday !
Alhamdulillah. Everything went according to plan. I have never imagined myself being engaged. Ah, so this is how it feels. Hehe.
I have so many people to thank for making my risik cum engagement possible.
Thank you to Daddy, Marc and Marlene, for helping me clean up the house. Lene especially ! She practically cleared the whole house on her own.
Thank you to Sal for helping me with the hantaran deco shopping and making. She did the whole hantaran with a little help from Lene and very, very, very little help from me. My hantaran making process started quite late, around 11:30 pm on Saturday as the whole day was spent clearing the house. Both Lene and her went to bed after 5 am. I slept about an hour before that. But it was worth it, my hantaran was sooooo pretty ! *heart smiles*
Thank you to Stumpy for helping to clear the house too and for bringing extra tables and chairs and for letting me use her beautiful selendang. She also sponsored a heart shaped fruit cake for my hantaran. 🙂
Thank you to Aunty Leha for the pulut and rendang she made for my hantaran.
Thank you to Annisa for being there and for snapping beautiful photos of the day for me. 🙂
Thank you to Aunty Maziey for the cupcakes she brought for the guests.
Thank you to Akey, Yati, Azi, and all my relatives who made time to be there on that day.
Thank you thank you thank you all of you ! *heart smiles*

I’m still anxiously waiting to get my photos from Ann. Tak sabar nak tengok. 🙂

As at Sunday, our wedding date is set for January 9, 2010. InsyaAllah.
I’ll let you all know if anything changes. 🙂

Alhamdulillah. *heart smiles*

People keep telling me to take care of myself and the relationship at this stage.
“Darah manis.” “Banyak dugaan.”
I hope Mr Sunshine and I will be able to get through anything and everything, InsyaAllah. I can’t wait to be Mrs Sunshine !
Mrs Sunshine sounds so aunty-ish.

Do pray for us, ok ? 🙂

I am at the store this month. Not really enjoying it.
Stock what ? Quotations what ? Tender whattt ?
I feel rather lost and dumb.
I prefer being stressed in the Outpatient Department than here.

Still have loads of work to do.
But I do feel slightly relieved as I have managed to speak to the pharmacist in charge of my clinical and research presentations and got some things cleared up.

I am supposed to be doing some store paper work right now.
Instead, I am blogging, chatting with Ann and Facebooking. Along with dispensing medications lah of course.
I’m multitasking !
And yeah, I am working the graveyard shift tonight. There are not that many patients tonight (as at now lah kan). I was expecting a hectic night with the hazy and H1N1 season.
But Alhamdulillah.

I should start on my work now.
Bubbye !


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8 Comments on officially engaged !

  1. Dont worry about your r’ship hun, just take things one step at a time and remember to breeeathe and trust in God. Everything else will fall into place.

    Love you!

    P.S. Pls do avoid Bridezilla urges.Hehehehe..

  2. yeayyy! congratulations, babe! 😉 i am so happy for you. and of course, i will always pray for my friends happiness. hope both of u n mr sunshine will stay strong together no matter what! 😀

  3. hey congrats dear! sama lah kita, menunggu masa jadi bini orang..hahahaha..! tu lah, mmg org ckp drh manis lah mcm2 lah.. i think we shud just try to be calm n prepare as much as we can.. tp pk balik, mnda baik, insya Allah tuhan permudahkan.. k, gudluck to both of us!

  4. Nanie: Thank youuu ! Oooh ni nak kena start buat list volunteers ni, letak nama Nanie 1st. :p

    Atia: Hee terima kasih ! 🙂

    Feli: Thanks love, haha I don’t know if I can contain myself from turning into a Bridezilla ! Love you !

    Cik Put: Aww that’s so sweet, thank you so much ! 🙂

    Azrin: Hehe tu lah tu. Betul, yang penting niat, usaha dengan sabar, InsyaAllah. 😉

    Yamin: Thank you ! Yayyy boleh list kan ke ? Awak akan bagi semua ke ? Heee.

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