The weather’s pretty humid but I am shivering
I also have been sneezing throughout the day.
I hope I am not gonna be sick.
There were a couple of sick people at work who might have passed the flu bug on to me. Hmm.

I made Mee Bandung for the first time tonight. *bangga*
Well, I actually used a packet of ready made spices mum in-law bought for me. I just had to make sure I had the right amount of water (a part that needs skill according to Mr Sunshine, hehe) and put in all the other necessary ingredients such as eggs, prawns, vegetable, meat etc etc.
But Mr Sunshine has put his seal of approval on my, ahem, masterpiece and even told me to buy more packets of the ready made spices to make for visitors who come over to our place.
Mum in-law also bought me a packet of ready made spices for Mee Rebus. That will be our berbuka menu this Friday, InshaAllah. 🙂

Work was tiring today. Yeah I had to work while most of you got to enjoy your day off. Hehe.
The male ward was full with patients today, so I took quite a long time to screen all their prescriptions. Not to mention there was a medical officer who got on my nerves which made things a bit tensed.
I took a long nap when I got back and woke up just in time to cook.

I am having cake cravings now, thanks to Superheroes & Mom for posting a photo of a delicious looking Red Velvet Cake.


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3 Comments on of spices.

  1. Awesome job on the Mee Bandung darling!! 😀

    Btw i also read ur post on the MO -_- its so “sucky” (for lack of a better word) when professionals behave with a complete lack of respect for their own education and for others.

  2. Feli, thanks so much. Hehe although it’s really nothing and I made it up to seem like all that. Hehe.
    Yeah lah, it’s ridiculous to have such irresponsible people who call themselves professionals when they act nothing like one.

    Syusyu, thank you ! Hehe dah makan ? Buat sendiri lagi puas hati. Hehe.

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