I can’t believe it’s Friday already !
Alhamdulillah, Daddy was discharged from Selayang Hospital last Wednesday. From what Marc and Marlene told me and from Daddy’s voice through the phone, he’s looking/sounding much better. Alhamdulillah.
Poor Daddy, he had to spend a week in the hospital ! He had a hard time accepting the fact that he was down with pneumonia. 🙁
Thank you to all the doctors and nurses who attended to Daddy and thank you to all relatives and friends who took time to come and visit him. 🙂
Much love to Marc and Marlene for taking turns to accompany Daddy throughout his nights in the hospital. &hearts:
Marlene was there on most nights, and Marc and I slept over for one night each only as we had work commitments.

This was taken last Saturday. Poor Daddy. 🙁

On that very same Wednesday on which Daddy was discharged, I was referred and admitted to Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah (HSNZ), Kuala Terengganu for a persistent lower abdominal pain I have been having for the past three weeks or so. The doctors in my hospital referred me to HSNZ because they found something abnormal on the ultrasound image they carried out on me. At that moment, I was already crying because I was terrified of what I might find out.
I was fortunate to get a comfortable room in the first class ward, and Mr Sunshine spent the night with me. 🙂

Me in my oversized hospital clothes.

Mr Sunshine getting real comfy on the couch in my room.

I had to go through a pelvic exam, using a speculum (very uncomfortable !) and a bimanual one. They told me my cervix was normal, Alhamdulillah. Then I had to go through a transvaginal scan, which is how they detected that I had a 2.7cm x 2.7 cm cyst in my right ovary. :'(
I was discharged yesterday because I did not complain of any pain. Well actually, I was in slight pain but I did not let the doctors/nurses know because I did not want to spend another night there !
I have an appointment with the O & G clinic in a month’s time, to see whether the cyst is getting bigger and whether it’s benign or malignant. I hope everything goes well, Ameen.

I need to learn to not get worked up over things so easily. Not healthy, not healthy !

Since I am told to get lots of rest, Mr Sunshine has disallowed me from doing ANYTHING. No house chores at all ! He did the laundry, he went out to buy food for us, and he’s currently cleaning up the house.
I definitely have THE BEST husband in the whole wide world ! Alhamdulillah. ;D

December has been pretty rough for the whole family. 🙁
I’m hoping the new year will be better. Ameen.

Happy Christmas and happy holidays to all ! ;D


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10 Comments on of hospital admissions.

  1. mel..pasal cyst tu..xde wat operation ke? nk remove thing out ke..coz my auntie had the same thing n bcoz of that dia susah nk pregnant.n during her pregnancy she discovered the cyst n hav to operate to remove the cyst..sakit la jadinya sbb tgh pregnant..

  2. Nak tunggu the next scan dulu, the doctors said ada possibility cyst tu kecut sendiri. Apa-apa pun kena tunggu next scan la, 1 month lagi. Doakan ye. Thanks kak.

    P.S: Blog akak dah private ek ? 🙁

  3. dear, take care. insyaAllah takde apa2.

    alhamdulillah, ada cik abang nak jaga. jangan stress, jangan sedih. tak elok untuk kesihatan.

    insyaAllah semua ok. anything, lemme know. *hugs*

  4. sedih kan when our loves one x chat and we’re far away from them… thanks Allah ur dad dah discharge…

    u take care of urself too… my friend one dulu ada gak cyst tue but then benda tue x besr and hilang… another one, she’s pregnant and detact ada cyst tu, and throughout the pregnancy the cyst hilang and dah deliver to a baby boy last november but the doc ask her to check back the cyst nnt… and may Allah gives us a better years yer larling…

    be happy… eat healthy food… 😉

  5. Switakon: Ameen, ameen. Alhamdulillah, kena be grateful for the little blessing yang ada kan. Thanks so much kak ! Hugs. 🙂

    Bitch: 2 nights is more than the number of nights any one of us stayed over. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Hugs.

    Red Clutch: Itu lah, sedih & runsing rasa tak boleh nak kerja. Alhamdulillah, itu lah, I’m hoping it shrinks and goes away. Ameen.
    Thanks dear ! 😉

  6. mak ai, first class hsnz ade kerusi macam tu? best pulak…senang org yg menunggu tu.. hm… even private hosp pun xde kerusi camtu…hm..nice…hehe…
    btw, feel better, dear… n try not to stress urself about work so much..i know it’s a lot, but you know He never tests us more than what we can bear. so He knows you can do this… 🙂

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