I just had my bath.
I’m off today as I worked the graveyard 10 pm to 7 am shift yesterday.
Oh boy, last night was definitely not a night I would want to remember.
I had to go down to ward supply unit thrice, including once for a patient who was being discharged in the middle of the freaking night !
And there were patients non stop all throughout the night.
I could not even get a few minutes of shut eye.
I was knocked out the minute I got home.

So, I had a couple of hours of sleep, did a little house and room sweeping and a (very) little bathroom scrubbing.
I say a little because no matter how I try to clean, everything just seems still unkempt.
Especially when I am losing so much hair these days.

Lene received an offer to do Diploma in Science in UiTM Kuala Pilah !! Alhamdulillah.
She also received the offer to go for Matriculation in Malacca earlier, but she was not interested.
I am ecstatic ! I know she’s gonna do well.
And I am also grateful that Kuala Pilah is not that far. Alhamdulillah.
My little sister’s going to uni !
Oh boy, I am so happy !

It was sweet to know that Noe had bought a cake for Foot Seng (whose birthday was last Monday) and I yesterday, so all of us spent the evening after work having yummy cake ! I had millions of slices because they forced me to !
Noe took some photos so I’m gonna have to get them from her, then I’ll upload some for your viewing pleasure ok. Haha.
Aku pun tak tahu apa yang kelakar.

Met up with Annisa and Fira last Tuesday night for my belated birthday treat from Annisa. We had Tony Roma’s at Sunway Pyramid.
I had half a chicken ! Almost finished it lah. But it was delicious ! And the Chocolate Avalanche who Fira and Ann sweetly turned into my birthday cake was soooo heavenly !
Photos are with Ann, I left my camera at home which is ridiculous in my dictionary !

I’m in the Outpatient Pharmacy this month, so if any of you happen to drop by the hospital, you would probably see me dispensing medications while looking super stressed. Sigh.

Gosh, I’m starving.
I’m gonna head out for a bit to get food lah.


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4 Comments on no scrubs.

  1. i admire u sis that decided to go for the diploma and diss the matriculation and to follow her own choice , bravo

  2. hye mellisa, saje beritahu, my mum & i ade wat sewa dulang hantaran & 2 set lapik.. if interested bole bgtau aida eh… kwn2 charge pun harge kwn2 la..

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