We are halfway through the first month of the new year and everyone usually has new goals & resolutions, right? I can say that I am not an excluded from this norm.

Let me start with recapping the major highlights in 2023.

  • Income through previous network marketing company was dwindling (it started dwindling since October 2021) – was not making enough to support household
  • Panic attacks become more frequent
  • Partnered with a new company with the intention of supplementing my current income at the time
  • Was immediately made out to be a black sheep of the team by influential top leaders of the company
  • Got terminated by former network marketing company
  • Realised that many of my friends (from the previous company) were only friends with me because of the business/company and that sucked (read: hurt) as hell
  • Lies & slander were spread about us (the ones who left the company). And some of them are still bitter until this very day (judging by the posts they put up).
  • Got a job working six days a week
  • Was unable to cope working six days & managing a business at the same time
  • Depressive & anxious symptoms worsened. There were days that I just could not get out of bed the whole day
  • Officially diagnosed with depression & anxiety
  • Supposed to be on meds but currently trying to manage via other alternatives
  • Took more than a month away from my business
  • Received 1 month’s notice from employer about company shutting down – last day will be on 15 January 2024

After everything that has been said & done in 2023, this new year I want to prioritise my health.

Primarily my mental health.

I want to learn how to set boundaries for myself, be kinder to myself and be less of a people pleaser. Writing these down is so easy, but it is gonna take a whole lot of work because I have been ‘programmed’ to not be like all the above for as long as I can remember. 😅

Of course, everything starts with getting closer to my Creator.

Here’s to a progress. Bismillah.


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