I have not been in a very good mood since yesterday afternoon. I do not know why, but the slightest things are making me cry and I have trouble stopping the tears.
As a result, I woke up and went to work puffy-eyed today. Yes, unlike most of you lucky ones out there, I am on call this weekend. I am not complaining though, in fact I requested to work this weekend.

Oh yes, Salam Ma’al Hijrah 1431H. 🙂

He went to Kemaman to get his motorbike, and is currently riding it back here.
I am extremely worried, I didn’t really approve of him doing so.
The roads are slippery since it’s the rainy season and it’s almost a 3 hour ride from there to here. :'(
A few minutes ago, he was at Dungun changing his tyres.
I think Mr Sunshine hates me right now. For being such a bitch to him these past two days.
Nak nangis lagi boleh tak ?

My menses are due in a week’s time so I’ve gotta be PMSing, right ?

I intended to write about what happened last weekend but this nasty mood of mine is getting in the way.

Later, perhaps ?
Ok, sambung nangis jom. :”””'(


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