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My eyelid has been twitching since two days ago.
It has happened before la, but right now the twitching is starting to get on my nerves.
It turns out that I might be experiencing eyelid myokymia.
According to, eyelid myokymia is defined as fine continuous contractions of the eyelid muscle, typically involving one of the lower eyelids, less often an upper eyelid. The condition occurs spontaneously, sometimes triggered by stress, fatigue, caffeine or alcohol. In most cases, the condition is benign and ceases of its own accord.

Stress. Check. Exams.
Fatigue. Check. Exams !
Caffeine. Check. Exams ! I’ve been downing too much Coke Light.

Oh well, it’ll all be over soon.
InsyaAllah, Aamin.


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