I am home alone.
Mr Sunshine is out watching football with an old high school friend and will probably be back around midnight.
I am bored.

Boredom must be good for me as I managed to work up a good sweat.
For half an hour.
Well, better than nothing, right ?

This shoulder pain that I have been enduring for the past one month has been partially relieved thanks to this thingamajig.

Mr Sunshine came back one day last week and surprised me with it. Hehe. I know chocolates or flowers are staple surprises, but to me this was super sweet as his intentions were to not see me in pain anymore. Or to hear my constant nagging about it anymore. Hehe.

I can be my own masseuse !
This helps a lot as I have been hesitant to go to a masseuse, because I am not too comfortable being naked in front of strangers. Hehe.

It comes with those two small adaptors for massaging different parts of the body. 🙂

See how blissful I look ?
Haha. Really cannot go (translated: tak boleh blah !) !

Thank you so much sayang !

Oh and thank you for making (a simple AND sweet) dinner when I was in pain.

Delicious Maggi Goreng !
We can start thinking of opening our own mamak stall now. Hehe. 😀


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