Dearest Mummy,

It’s been a while since I wrote to you.
I am aware that every time I do write, it’ll be a long-winded sad and mushy post.
This time around I am gonna make an effort to keep it as chirpy as I can. 🙂
Because tomorrow is Mother’s Day and no matter how emotionally disturbed I am right now, I know you would want me to try to be happy.

A couple of days ago, I was craving for your fruit cake. I did not go out to look for just any other fruit cake because I knew I would be disappointed.
In my eyes, no one bakes as good as you. No one cooks like you do.
It’s funny because there are moments that the thought of calling you to ask you about how to cook something crosses my mind and then only it hits me that you’re no longer around.
But it’s ok Mummy, according to Mr Sunshine, I have been doing an ok job in keeping his tummy filled with good food. 🙂

I am 6 months pregnant now, Alhamdulillah.
Being pregnant makes me think of you even more. Makes me wonder about how you dealt with all your pregnancies. Did you get backaches or sore heels ? Did you go through morning sickness ? How did you feel when you felt my first kick ? How were your labor experiences ?
I’d have to admit that I get frustrated sometimes because I have so many personal questions on pregnancy that I want to ask you.
But I am blessed to have an awesome mum in-law and friends who I can turn to for answers. The internet has helped me tremendously too. 🙂

Mummy, I am gonna be okay, right ?

Now this wasn’t so bad, wasn’t it ?
I miss you, Mummy.

To my beautiful mum in-law all you gorgeous mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day. 🙂


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