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If any of you still remember, I complained about how I was losing hair a couple of months ago. It was really really bad. I was sweeping heaps of hair from my lap every time I sit down. I was so ashamed of going out into public especially on public transportations which requires me to sit and sweep my fallen hair of my body. My hair was so thin, my scalp was visible. Honest. You can ask the sister if you think I am being dramatic.
At first I thought it was due to stress and bad diet, but then I decided to try changing my shampoo. Lene suggested the brand Himalaya for it’s supposedly natural herbal ingredients.
I saw and felt the difference from the first time I used the shampoo and conditioner. My hair was not falling ! Well, not as much as it used to.
It has been two months since then and I dare not part with their shampoo and conditioner. They smell great too !
I was running out of conditioner a few days ago and I told Lene to try to help get it from the Himalaya store outlet in KLCC but it was out of stock. It was not available in Guardian there too where they usually have Himalaya products. She asked the salesperson whether it would be available in MidValley and the salesperson said yes. Being the paranoid person that I am because I just have to get my hands on a new tube of the conditioner before the old one finishes, I decided to go to MidValley after work yesterday night. I should have known that the KTM Komuter would be super super packed with people, all heading back to their hometown for the Chinese New Year holidays. So there I was, standing and sweating profusely in the middle of an ocean of people waiting for the train to arrive. That’s was not so bad. After pushing and pushing to get on the train, I was stuck. Stuck and sandwiched in between three men and a pole. I did not have to hold on to anything. I was securely sandwiched ! I was still sweating madly OK.
Huh, all that for a tube of hair conditioner.
When I arrived at MidValley, I rushed to the LG floor with much anxiety only to hear the salesgirl cheerfully say, “Oh, it’s out of stock right now, probably would be available next month.”
My heart sanked. Oh wait, it actually stopped beating. I wanted to cry as I was texting Lene to tell her that erm, I wanted to cry.
But then I saw Guardian which was opposite the Himalaya and walked into it.
Ahhhhhh there they were, six tubes of Himalaya Hair Detangler and Conditioner arranged nicely on the rack waiting for me to bring them home. I honestly stood there and thought about buying ALL six OK.
I almost jumped in joy. I know I was smiling to myself because the girl next to me was looking at me with a worried look.
I only bought one tube just in case any of you were curious.
But yeah, Guardian saved me from a heart attack.

OK cukup lah drama malam ini kan ?


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7 Comments on my himalayan quest.

  1. Oh, ada ek kat OU, slame ni I tau kedai Himalaya’s products kat KLCC and MV je. Thanks.
    Facial products ikut kulit kot, I ada friend pakai tak sesuai gak.

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