It’s 1830 hours on a Thursday and Mr Sunshine is still not back from work yet.
His office hours were supposed to end at 1500 hours just now, bearing in mind that’s he’s working the WP 1 shift this month (0730 hours to 1630 hours).
He has been pretty busy organizing his department’s Family Day which is tomorrow.

I am bored.
And hungry
And slightly on the brink of getting a gastric attack.
Well of course I am hungry, I am fasting today.
The fact that Mr Sunshine will be bringing back food from McDonald’s for me to berbuka with tonight is my consolation.
McD’s always puts a huge smile on my face.

My colleagues and I went through quite a busy one week.
Since it’s the first week of July, there are loads of half-yearly returns to complete and submit.
I think we did a good job juggling that and our usual workload.
I still think we need another fully registered pharmacist in place of Ina who left in April.
At least before that, Ina and I would take turns to skip going to the wards we’re in charge of and help cover for those who are not around. Staff deployment, you get the picture ?
But now it’s either I go or do not go and since no one can cover for what I do, I lose out on achieving my target every month.
Last month, I only paid four visits to my ward, which also means less cases clerked and less patients counseled etc etc. 🙁

Ok I’ll stop rambling before I confuse you.


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3 Comments on missed targets.

  1. totally agreed with you about the need of another pharmacist (make it two or three or four, we don’t mind, rite? the more the merrier!) heh, sekarang baru rasa kaki betul2 berpijak ke bumi.. heh.. u know what i mean.. thanx for covering the work, ye… 😛

  2. Putri: Yeah, I am thankful that he is home on most days. Alhamdulillah. Can’t wait to meet up with you lah babe ! 😉

    Noor: Yes, OMG, memang the more the merrier. Haha. Yea true, siapa kata kerja government tak sibuk/senang ? Hee. No worries lah. 😉

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