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It’s the 5th day of Syawal and I am at home, feeling sleepy and bloated.
I am recovering from a nasty flu attack I had. My throat is a bit sore and all phlegmy.

I just got back from Batu Pahat yesterday afternoon.
I was there to visit Mr. Sunshine’s family.
The whole experience was nerve wrecking not only because I was meeting his parents but also because that was my first time traveling alone for more than two hours.
I took the train to Kluang on Friday morning, which was a one and a half hour drive from where he lives.
He picked me up and I could tell that he was excited (and nervous) to see me. Comel OK.
From his stories of his dad being stern when he was a kid, I was preparing myself for the worse but it turned out his dad was pretty cool.
His mum was such a darling (and such a good host), it’s funny that I was at her house and I was not the only one being shy.
I only met one of his sisters. We didn’t talk but I thought she was sweet.
His 12 year old brother was good looking in my opinion and I kept teasing Mr. Sunshine with remarks like, “Adik awak handsome, kenapa awak tak eh ?” and “Saya nak tunggu adik awak lah, 12 tahun je kan beza.
*evil laugh*
We left his house early yesterday morning after he got all his stuff in his car as he was leaving for Kuala Terengganu after he drops me off home.

The family and I started our 1st Syawal with visiting arwah Atok’s grave (we visited Mummy two days before) in Seremban, then we were at Aunty Zainah’s hometown in Nilai for lunch.
We were in Shah Alam in the evening for an early dinner.
I was already having a sore throat (and a runny nose) which I think was due to the fact that I actually finished a whole container of tarts Adam gave me in two nights.

2nd day of Syawal was spent at Aunty Maziey’s place, as always.
Daddy didn’t come along as he wasn’t feeling too good.

It’s cool that I am still eligible to collect duit Raya this time around.

I am too lazy to upload photos lah.

As I am typing this, Mr. Sunshine is in Terengganu, currently driving from Kuala Terengganu to Kemaman as he just found out he is placed in Hospital Kemaman.
He is apparently not very happy about it.


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1 Comment on meet the parents.

  1. ahh the one with the meet the parents.

    in my case, sad to say, after i have met them for countless of times, it still gives me the a kick in the gut.

    talking about two, highly ranked special branch police officers as ur future in laws. sheezzzz.

    adik hunter comel? haha

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