Hello my name is Molin. Yes, Mo-lin.

I have been given to my owner by her husband when he got back from Kedah yesterday, because she loves Disney’s Finding Nemo so much.

I know you all must be thinking what kind of a name Molin is, right ? My thoughts exactly.
To tell you the truth, my owner is not very good at naming anything (dead or alive).
So she just combined Nemo and Marlin to get Molin. Crap.

I love my new fluffy toy ! It’s just the right hug size !

He got me something else too.

Bear in mind that I drink a lot.
And, I only drink water from mugs with covers (if possible, lah), I have a Snoopy mug with a hat-like cover back home in Gombak, and I have been drinking from my plastic water tumbler for as long that I have been living here.
Ok, I am a freak, got a problem with that ?
So you can imagine how happy I was when I saw what was inside the perfectly wrapped box. :))

The weather has been pretty nasty lately. Hot and humid. Really, really hot and humid.
As expected, my eczema is flaring up and I am scratching like nobody’s business.
The back of my knees are really fugly right now.

Today did not go too well for me. Came back from work with an aching head, neck, back and arms.

But on the bright side, Daddy, Marc and Lene are planning to come over here this weekend. InshaAllah. 🙂
I am really excited !
I’d be working on both days of Chinese New Year, but only until 1 pm so there’s still ample time to spend with them. 🙂
Mr Sunshine and I have been trying to make this place of ours look a bit decent to welcome them.
But we’re both lousy cleaners and interior decorators.
Ok, I am a lousy cleaner.

The brother has even given me a list of dishes to cook while they’re here.
I hope the Kelisa will not give them any problems on the way. Ameen.

My head and body is still aching ! 🙁
Thank God it’s Thursday. 


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