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I just realized that I purchased Laurier Maxi Wing instead of my usual Slim Wing variant.
Darn it.

I have not been too well for the past couple of days. (what’s new ?)
I seriously need to do something about this immune system of mine.
Just over an hour exposure of extreme cold (I swear there was something wrong with the air-cond that morning – freaking freezing I tell you !) at the hospital on Sunday and I was sneezing terribly.

I wonder if stress has anything to do with it.

Mr Sunshine blames it on lack of food, as usual.
Mind you, I have been eating and my butt circumference is expanding as I am typing this.
How disproportionate is that ?

I just revealed my vital stats online.

I want to change.
Even though I am not 100% sure about how ready I am, some other things has been hindering me from taking a specific step of change.
Personally I have been wanting to make that change for quite some time now and I’ve only spoken about it to a couple of my good friends.
I have been wondering about how the people around me would react.
Because honestly, I have seen unfavourable responses before.
It’s a change I don’t want to do half way.
Well, we’ll see how things go.

I have some serious planning to do.
I do not know where to start !
Excited and anxious at the same time !

I am getting pretty comfy at this new place of mine.
Astro can really be life changing.
I no longer have to sulk about not getting to watch Idol, live !
Plus both of my housemates are nice.
My only complain would be the millipedes I have been bumping into everywhere in the house.
Where do they come from lah ?
But all is good.

I wish this whole PRP period would end already.
It’s so emotionally and mentally challenging.
Not knowing who can genuinely trust, and going through every single day anticipating the worst really, really sucks.
SIX months more to go ! Sigh. *slaps head*

I have decided that I am not cut out to work in a hospital setting.
Is there such a thing as being over empathetic ?
Well that’s me.
Tears would start flowing at the sight of patients in pain, patients with cancer, patients looking sad etc.
Ergh. Annoying lah.
I am amazed at how the other pharmacists are able to keep their composure daily. I guess they’re used to it.
I have told Mr. Sunshine to open up a retail pharmacy and hire me.
I can come and go as I want. Lalalalala. *dreams*

Here’s a conversation the both of us had recently:

Mr Sunshine: Saya rasa OK apa orang panggil awak Mel.
Me: Hmm.
Mr Sunhine: Mel macam coMel. Awak kan comel.
Me: *bangga tapi maintain cool*
Mr Sunshine: Saya nak panggil awak Meme lah. Short untuk kememeh. Kememeh is apparently a term used for a person who cries easily/a lot.
Me: Hmmmmmmmmmm…
Mr Sunshine: Boleh tak ?
Me: Tak nak lah..
Mr Sunshine: Lepas tu awak panggil saya Sem.
Me: ???? (Sam ?)
Mr. Sunshine: Sebab saya handsome.

I don’t care if you don’t find that funny.
I do !

Gosh, tonight is getting pretty humid.
I think I need another bath.


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8 Comments on maxi wing.

  1. HAHAHAH! That’s hilarious!

    And I never tot that Mel was short for comel hehehe once upon a time a girl asked me if my middle name Simone is short for si montel. -_-

    Heheh but yes I get milipedes here too occasionally, so gross! Where DO they come from!

  2. Alice: Hehe. Lawak bodoh kan.

    Feli: Hahaha. Now I’m thinking of getting one of those fake ones just to scare you. Hee.

    Marlene: Why so bad one ? Hehe.

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