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Yesterday I managed to get a Commissioner for Oaths at Wisma Central to sign my statutory declaration form for no charge at all.
He said that since I’m just starting to work, it was on him.
Nice, huh ?
So I was feeling all gleefully and lucky and was about to brag about it to Mr. Sunshine when he told me that he got his done for free too.
*straight face*

Lene and I watched The Dark Knight while waiting for buka yesterday.
It was her first time watching it and the second for me.
I broke my fast in the cinema with water and my usual daily tablets.
We had Burger King after that.

I just came to know that we (my classmates and I) might only be reporting for duty after Raya.
That’s such a HUGE disappointment for me.
I have been a stay-at-home pharmacist for a month now and probably would continue to be one for another whole month (or more).
This whole thing sucks big time OK.
My brain cells are obviously half dead already from all the sleeping and nonsense I’ve been doing/reading online.
And not to mention that I am dead broke.
Siapa nak ajak saya keluar sila belanja saya, okay ? Thanks.

But next month is Ramadhan already, so I guess I should try focusing on other things to get my mind off this stupid mess.
Like praying and cooking.
I guess.

Who I am trying to kid ?


Have a nice day, everyone.
*fake smile*


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