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Master Law Chu Hian’s Cancer Story

I have another amazing story to share with all of you. 
Meet Master Law Chu Hian, 10 years ago. 

Master Law Chu Hian found out he had cancer 10 years ago.

At that time he was on chemotherapy for his newly diagnosed cancer. He found Shaklee, and started on Alfalfa Complex. He took about 30 tablets of Alfalfa Complex a day. Yes, 30 ! He was later diagnosed to be free from cancer, until this very day. :)
After the powerful Vivix was introduced, it become his daily tonic, along with a whole lot of other Shaklee supplements, of course.
He is now free from cancer and looks years younger than his age. He swears that Vivix keeps him young and vibrant !

Left- Before Shaklee Right – After Shaklee

He is 50 years this year ! Check out this clip from last year. He doesn’t look a year after 40 ! :)
Do you know anyone who has cancer ? Or you have a family history of cancer (like me) ?
Let’s communicate ! :)

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