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I’ve been wanting to blog since last Saturday night but,
1. The internet connection has been pretty shitty lately. Is everyone else experiencing the same situation ?
2. I have been pretty caught up with things, and
3. I’m down with fever and an irritating sore throat.

Marc had his convocation last Saturday !

I’m so very happy for him. The fact that he’s doing his degree right now also makes me even happier !
I always get all emotional during convocations. Okay, I’ve only been to two, the previous one being the ex’s. But still. Anyway, pictures !

Diana got engaged last Saturday too.
I couldn’t make it to the occasion due to Marc’s convocation lah kan.
But I went over to her place later that night just to see and congratulate her.
It’s sad that I didn’t get to see her all dolled up.

I was working yesterday and as a result of standing the whole day, my whole body and feet are aching like hell. Also, as a result of the weather, I came back home, having a fever. I think Daddy and Marc (they haven’t been too well lately either) might have also passed the flu bug to me.



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