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Marc turns 21 today ! Wheee !
Happy Birthday lil’ brother !
Here’s to many more birthdays to come, Aamin.

The whole family had a simple birthday lunch at Cozy House, Ampang Park where Marc and I shared a banana split.

I’ll get you a present when I start working, okay ?

Heikal and I watched Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium last Saturday and had a late (and oh so satiating!) dinner at TGIF. The movie was a disappointment though.

I honestly don’t get why people wear sunglasses indoors. Maybe it’s supposed to be trendy (or whatever they call it these days) but I just find it ridiculous.

I woke up today to a call by the ex’s mum. She was just checking on me and wanted to let me know that his younger sister is getting married next month. She wants me to come for the solemnization ceremony.

I have cried myself to sleep three days in a row now. Depressing okay.


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