It has been raining for a few days straight here in Terengganu, and as some of you observant ones out there might already know, it has already flooded in a few areas here. Including where I am now.
I woke up yesterday to the phone ring of my colleague from telling me that she was unable come to work as the roads to the hospital were blocked. Soon, I learned that only two pharmacists including me who could be at the hospital, and the both of us stay at the quarters.
The hospital and my quarters area are not affected as we’re situated on high land, but both roads just after the hospital, leading to Kuala Terengganu and Kuala Berang town respectively, have been closed due to the water rise.
We’re literally stuck in the middle with limited access to food supply (and McDonald’s !). When I say limited, it’s because as at now, only huge lorries, or tractors can go through the water.
I have to admit, I am a bit of a jakun about this whole flood scenario.
I know floods happen in KL too, but from where I was growing up I have never actually been affected by anything like this.
I am a bit excited yet scared and sad at the same time. Gila kot ?
Excited by this new experience, and being able to learn how to deal with it.
Scared that it will get worse.
And sad that Mr Sunshine and I cannot meet each other. Worse still, I MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO GO HOME THIS AIDILADHA if this goes on or gets bad.
A few snapshots the jakun side of me took yesterday evening. Pleas pardon the bad quality photos from my phone.
Here are photos of my poor tyre which I damaged two weekends ago. 🙁
But I learned how to change a tyre so it’s all good. Thank you Mr Sunshine. 🙂
Oh yeah, I moved into my quarters last week, or was it last two weeks ?

I am alone every single night in this big (leaking) place I should learn to call home.

I have no life here in Kuala Berang.
I sleep, go to work, come back from work and exercise (cewah, baru dua hari sahaja actually !), go online, and watch OTH/DVDs. And, REPEAT.
Work is good, Alhamdulillah.
I have not been able to say that AT ALL for the past year, eh ?
I am living on instant noodles right now.
I have a tin of tuna and a tin of baked beans with cheese in my kitchen too.
Saving them for when I get tired of Maggi/Mamee/Cintan.

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5 Comments on maggi.

  1. heh… poor tyre…
    nice flood pics, though…
    if i was the one ‘modeling’ on that tractor, the pic would be the most unforgettable… heh, nasib baik x sampai takat kena naik tu lagi…
    it’s…um.. camne nak cakap… wonderful, funny, yet a bit sad experience jugak la basically… twisted? yeah.. heh…

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