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I just had my dinner.
I had rice. Yes, rice. With chicken.
I was not planning to eat, I was already lying on my (thin) mattress talking on the phone to Mr. Sunshine when my housemates knocked on my door and insisted that I joined them for their late night dinner.
“Lissa jangan tidur lagi tau, kitorang nak masak, Lissa kena makan gak. Kitorang sengaja beli ayam banyak sikit, memang untuk ramai orang makan. Lissa kena makan gak !”

I also had rice for lunch today at the JKWP Pharmacy Scientific Conference *yawns* I attended.

So yeah, I am just hoping I would be able to squeeze into my kebaya this Wednesday.

Speaking of which, I am a bit sad that Marc and Lene are unable to be present to see me (all sweaty, I presume) in my convocation robe. Lene has her Literature in English paper that afternoon and Marc has to send her to school.
Daddy would be there, InsyaAllah. Akey said she would try to make it too.

I guess I can’t go to bed just yet.

I wish I did not have to attend tomorrow’s session. Blergh.

Nothing much has changed in my working environment.
I still hate it.
So it’s best that I keep mum about it.

I am anticipating a get together with my Gombak people next weekend.
I just hope I don’t break down in front of them, so I better make sure the word ‘work’ does not pop up.

Hmm, I love fried anchovies. Nyum.

I need Mummy.


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