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While I was on the phone with Mr. Sunshine, I received a text message last night from one of my housemates at about 11 p.m saying that our apartment has been broken into. My heart stopped beating for a second.
I started thinking about the Saturday night that I spent there alone. I was literally shaking.
At the same time I felt lucky that I decided to pack up and leave for Gombak that Sunday evening after work itself and not wait until Monday morning.
I felt like crying, for reasons I myself cannot comprehend.
Marc, Lene, Linn and I immediately drove to Putrajaya.
A few police officers were there, they were the one who let me into the apartment to check on my room. I was told to just look around and identify whether anything valuable was missing and not touch anything.
It seems that they did not have much trouble getting into the apartment. The main door was not broken or anything.
My room was a total wreck. The door knob was broken.
My clothes were thrown all over. My books. My bags and even my mattress.
The only thing that was in its place was my shoe rack.
They even emptied my pencil case, in hopes of finding cash I think.
They did not take anything except for my RM10 note that I always have stashed in between my clothes for emergency purposes.
I was surprised that they did not even take my Fossil watch. Alhamdulillah.
One of my housemates lost her phone, and another lost her ring.
I guess they did not get away with anything much.
I am still slightly shaken.
I thank God that none of us were at home when it happened.
I thank God that I left the lights on when I was there alone last Saturday night.
I thank God that I decided to bring ALL my valuables back home.
I thank God that I decided not to stay back that Sunday night.
And although I’d be in Gombak for the next two months, can you blame me for not ever wanting to go back to Putrajaya ?

I took the day off today.
I was supposed to start working at Klinik Kesihatan Tanglin.
I’d be going tomorrow.
I would be taking the LRT to Pasar Seni then I’d be walking to the clinic.
Lene helped me find in finding the routes I can use to get to the clinic from the station. There are two different routes that I can use, one involves crossing a main road and walking uphill and the other would mean walking through the underpass where Audrey Melissa Bathinathan was raped and murdered almost ten years ago.
I have yet to decide which way to use. I’ll just go with how I feel tomorrow morning.

Have any of you been to Central Market recently.
I know I might sound like a jakun but that place has realllllly changed tremendously.
I was in total awe. You could ask Lene if you did not believe me.
But given the fact that the last time I was there was about 7 years ago, I should not be so surprised.
But it’s sooooooooooo different.
The toilets are actually nice and clean !

Mr. Sunshine’s car has been giving him some serious problems.
It breaks my heart that he’s all the way there, alone.
I am thinking of paying him a visit to lift his spirits up a bit but I am not sure when or whether Daddy would let me go alone.

People, please be careful.
Please make sure all your doors and windows are locked at all time.
If you’re inside, make sure you can lock it from the inside too.
Keep your lights on if you plan to leave the house for quite some time.
It helps if you could let your neighbours know that you’d be away and ask them to check on your house every now and then.
But then again, these days, you cannnot seem to trust anybody.
I do not even trust the guards at my place.
Whatever it is, just be extra careful.

Wish me luck tomorrow !
I hope the people there are nice.


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3 Comments on lock your doors, people !

  1. Excuse me missy, after that entire post I can’t believe you would even CONSIDER which route to use. The UPHILL one on the main road OKAY, not the secluded one.

    Take care and thank God, He always protects us in ways we could not even dream of. Glad you’re all ok, hugsssss.

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