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Let’s Learn about Collagen !

What is Collagen ?

Collagen is the most common protein found in our body. Most body structures formed from collagen are white, such as the sclera of your eyes and your bones and cartilage. Collagen forms a structural component of your body’s connective tissues, which are found throughout your body. These connective tissues include the dermis of your skin, your bones, cartilage and blood cells. Collagen strengthens tissues and provides support for them.

A Few Important Roles of Collagen 

Skin Health
Collagen plays a vital role in skin health. It maintains its firmness and elasticity. Collagen, in the form of collagen hydrolysate, may also help keep skin hydrated.

Cartilage, Joints & Bones
Healthy cartilage allows bones to effortlessly slide over one another.

The walls of arteries need to be elastic and flexible, yet arteries must also be able to withstand the constant force of blood pressure.

The Causes and Effects of Losing Collagen

As we age, our body’s collagen depletes gradually. The depletion of collagen leads to the formation of wrinkles and the occurrence of other signs of aging, such as:

  • dry, saggy and wrinkled skin
  • weak and brittle nails
  • thin and lifeless hair

Sun damage, smoking and free radical damage can also contribute to the breakdown of collagen.


Shaklee Collagen Powder is the ultimate collagen supplement consists of 4,000 mg proprietary Red Snapper Scale Collagen, a pure and high quality collagen extracted from the scales of Red Snapper.

Shaklee’s Collagen is of extremely low molecular weight, at approximately 1,000 Dalton, is easily absorbed by the body and helps to boost the collagen synthesis at the dermis layer effectively.

Shaklee Collagen Powder has 7 key ingredients to enhance the effectiveness of Red Snapper Scale Collagen
Functions of the 7 key ingredients:

1. Collagen from the scales of Red Snapper.
 Red Snapper fish scales are a premium source of collagen with higher absorption and lesser contamination as compared to animal collagen. Elastin  keeps skin flexible but tight, providing a bounce-back reaction if skin is pulled. Fish collagen contains elastin that works hand-in-hand with collagen to keep skin firm, supple and elastic.

2. Camellia japonica seed extract
Camellia japonica’s seeds consist of Oleic acid, an excellent skin emollient and moisturizer, and Isoflavones, natural antioxidants that can help to reduce free radicals.

3. Vitamin C
 Vitamin C encourages collagen production and fights off free-radicals that damage our skin.

4. Vitamin B2, B6
 Vitamin B participates in carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism to release energy, which is necessary for collagen production in the cell.

5. Pfaffia extract
Pfaffia also called Brazillian Ginseng that, when combined with Camellia japonica seeds extract, helps to support the formation of collagen and hyaluronic acid. With remarkable ability to bind a large amount of water, hyaluronic acid plays an essential role in hydrating body tissues that make skin soft, moist and smooth.

6. Shellfish extract
Glucosamine from shellfish extract is important in the synthesis of synovial fluid to provide lubrication to the joints and hydrates the eyes to relieve eye discomfort

7. Lactobacillus acidophilus
Lactobacillus acidophilus is a beneficial bacterium. It helps to balance intestinal microflora and facilitate the rebuilding of a healthy intestinal system which is able to boost collagen absorbtion.

Effects and Benefits of Shaklee Collagen Powder

Reduces visible pores, wrinkles and fine lines

Moisturizes skin to reduce facial dryness and flakiness

Restores skin elasticity
Improves skin’s firmness, elasticity and suppleness

Smoothen skin and improves skin’s softness

Promotes stronger nails, thicker and more lustrous hair

Lightens pigmentation, spots and evens out skin tone

Helps in bust firming and lifting

Additional Benefits: Supports joint health and strengthens bones. Helps to maintain muscles in eyes

Shaklee Collagen Powder easily dissolves and mixes well with your favourite food and beverages. 
Each serving is packed in an individual sachet for immediate consumption anytime and anywhere.

 These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease
For more information and to order, contact:
Melissa Raffur
Shaklee Independent Distributor [ID: 889132]
SMS/Whatsapp: 012 296 6442
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