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Warning: This post contains more than 20 photos.

I (and half of my classmates) just got back from a 4 days and 3 nights holiday/class trip at the beautiful Tioman Island. One of our lecturers, Mr Osama came along too, and he brought a friend. Altogether there were 37 of us.
We left Shah Alam at around 8 am Monday, and the bus ride was a pretty long and bumpy one.

On the bus, with Syafiq and Hafiz.

We reached the Mersing jetty at around 2 pm.

At the jetty.

We only boarded the ferry at about 5 pm. Yeah, the wait was pretty boring, and most of us were so sleepy as we took our motion sickness tablets earlier.

On the ferry. Scary okay.

We reached Salang Indah Resort, Tioman, at nearly 7 pm. Checked in and got comfortable. We had the whole night to do whatever we wanted.
Food was provided, so they served us dinner, the squid sambal was so yummy.
Syafiq and I took a walk around the place, and took some photos that night.

The next morning, after breakfast which I skipped, we got ready to go snorkeling.
As some of you might already know (okay maybe only the family and the ex), I am hydrophobic, I can’t swim, I can get hysterical even in swimming pools and I’ve never been further than 1 m into the sea from the beach. So, for obvious reasons, I told people that I wasn’t going, and I’d just be sitting nicely on the boat while they snorkeled away. *paints a pretty picture in head*

Say hi to Mr Osama.

That’s Mr Osama, the guy responsible for being so persuasive, and coaxed me to get off the boat and TRY snorkelling. OMG, as soon as I dipped my legs into the water, I was screaming (attracting attention and laughter from all the others) my lungs out. I wanted to get back on the boat, but NO, he guaranteed that I wouldn’t regret trying, so Syafiq and him brought me further away from the boat. I don’t trust life jackets. I didn’t stop screaming, crying, didn’t even put my snorkelling mask on for more than a few seconds, and I didn’t even look into the water. I didn’t snorkel. Mr Osama brought me back to the boat where I was shivering (out of fear, mind you) and still crying. Gila traumatized okay !

Pre traumatic experience

Them snorkelling. I was lucky no one took pictures of me screaming in the water. Or did they ?

Syafiq feeding the fishes. They were sooooo beautiful !

The boat took us to another stop, on Coral Island where these people had lunch and played in the water for a bit. I was still a bit shaken, but the water was so beautiful I couldn’t resist going in. Hee.

Coral Island yo ! The water was only until my waist (hence me being brave), we were all bending to give the impression of the water being deep, I guess. Haha.

The boat’s last stop was another snorkelling stop (blergh !) and I have obviously vowed to never even attempt snorkelling ever again. So I was sitting comfortably on the boat, feeding bread to the fishes and passing bread to my classmates. Syafiq was a darling, because he didn’t force me to get down. (Sayang awak !) Or maybe he was just sick of hearing me scream. Haha.
Then Mr Osama had to get in the picture. When I told him that there was just one piece of bread left, he told me that I’ve gotta be in the water to feed the fishes and once again he coaxed me to get off the boat, but this time he told me to be close to the boat and hold on the boat steps. So I did just that, I screamed a bit, but I held on tight to the boat steps, wore my snorkelling mask and dipped my head into the water, and fed the fishes. I could see and feel them nibbling at my fingers. While at that, I managed to get a glimpse of the corals down below and it was an awesome sight ! *heart smiles*
I guess I’ve gotta thank Mr Osama for that little push he gave me, if not I would have missed out on witnessing such beautiful corals and fishes, but that doesn’t change anything, I’m still never going snorkelling, EVER again, thank you.

That same evening, some of us explored and took pictures of the place around our chalet.

The guys and I.


That’s the jetty behind us.
Sigh. The place was beautiful. (I just can’t stop saying that)

The next morning, after breakfast which I skipped again, we took a boat to Tekek, and went jungle trekking from there to Kampung Juara, which was on the other side of the island. We went uphill and downhill for three hours. Some people who hurt their legs during snorkelling the day before had a pretty rough time walking for three hours. Kesian tau !



The 3 hours was worth it, though.

Yamin bebeh !

On the way back, on the boat, the sea brought me to tears again. This time is when the boat stopped while waiting for the other boat. The whole being-static-in-the-middle-of-the-sea thingy just scared the shit out of me. And the boatman just had to joke around by saying he was running out of fuel. Very funny. *straight face* I cried even harder after hearing that.
And oh, I just had to slip and fall in the boat along with Syafiq and a few other of my classmates. Which of course, gave me another reason to not stop crying. I scratched my knee too. Sigh.
Hah, another traumatic experience in the sea. Hee.

We (they), couldn’t get enough of the water, so we (they) swam some more that evening.

Them fooling around.

That rock was so slippery.

Sunset at Tioman. *heart smiles*
(those little things you see in the water are actually the heads of my classmates who were crazy enough to go that far. Hee.)

We spent our last night there playing Truth or Dare, had barbequed chicken, fish and squid, and took a walk on the jetty.

Post barbeque.

The last night at the jetty. Sobs.

The guys managed to squeeze in another game of beach volleyball before we checked out that Thursday afternoon.

Before leaving.

We were back in Shah Alam at around 12 am this morning.
The trip was definitely worth it. Traumatic or not, I had a superb time ! Thank you Sunshine ! *heart smiles*
The seawater pretty much cleared up my eczema. Yay !
I don’t think I’ll ever go snorkeling ever ever ever again for the rest of my life. I know I’ve said that thrice. Just wanted you people to know how serious I am. Hee.
I’m so gonna miss my classmates. Sobs.
I am sunburnt, and slightly tanned I think.
I swam (okay, okay, walked) the furthest into the sea from the beach there. It’s a record baby ! *muka bangga*
Thanks to everyone for making the trip and enjoyable and meaningful one.
All the best, people !

I’m gonna miss these two girls of mine. We had our (last) dinner together last Saturday night. Sobs.

I’d be going back to Gombak later, coming back here this Sunday though. I need to start slowly packing all my stuff. Blergh.

Until my next post, in the words of Mr Osama to me, keep swimming !


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  1. ey, you went to salang eh? same with me, 3 years back! ^__^ remembered the long jetty. best kan lepak malam2 kat situ.. hehe im not even snorkelling tau tak, sebab takut nye pasal. ahhaa. just last year baru dpt snorkelling, tu pon bile kene pakse. ^_^

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